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How to Create Email Signature in Outlook 2010

The steps that need to be followed to add email signature in MS Outlook 2010 are:

  • Log in to MS Outlook and click on Signatures from the include group.
  • Click on New on signature tab.
  • Choose a name for the signature and click OK.
  • Type the required signature content in Edit Signature box.
  • The signature text can be formatted by using Style and Formatting buttons.
  • Elements can be added to signature in the below mentioned way:
  • To add an image: Click on Insert Hyperlink option, select the hyperlink by typing required hyperlink or browse it. Click on OK to add it.

    To add a hyperlink: Click on Picture option, browse the required image and click on OK to add an image.

  • Click on OK to save the signature.

How to Create Email Signatures in MS Outlook 2013

The following steps can be used to create signature in MS Outlook 2013:

  • Create a new message.
  • In the include group at top, choose Signature > Signatures.
  • Choose New from Select Signature to Edit.
  • Type the unique signature name in New Signature dialog box.
  • Set the following options from Choose default signature option.
  • E-mail Account List: Choose an email account, which can use this signature.

    New Message List: Choose the email signature, which need to be automatically inserted in all new messages.

    Replies/Forward List: Choose the email signature, which need to be inserted automatically during email reply or email forwarding.

  • Enter the signature content under Edit Signature option and click on OK to submit the signature.

User can easily add the images and hyperlinks into signature by using Personal Stationery option.

How to Create Email Signature in MS Outlook 2016

By following the mentioned steps, users can easily create email signatures in MS Outlook 2016:

  • Select File > Options from the menu bar.
  • Choose Signature option under Mail tab.
  • Click on New under the E-mail signature and type the name of new signature.
  • Fill the following information under Choose Default Signature option:
  • E-mail Account: Choose the email account to which the mentioned signature is associated.

    New Message: Select the email signatures, which should be automatically added while creating a new email.

    Replies/Forward: Select the email signatures, which should be added in case of email reply or email forward.

  • Type the signature content under Edit Signature option and click on OK to save the email signature.

Users can easily format the email content as well as insert images, hyperlinks in the signature by using Personal Stationery option.


This article has been aimed to focus on importance of email signature in MS Outlook. Various situations have been described where email signatures can prove to be beneficial for MS Outlook user. Additionally, the stepwise procedure involved in creating email signatures for different MS Outlook versions has been discussed.


MS Outlook is one of the trending desktop email clients used all over the globe. The unique and continuously improving features of MS Outlook have attracted several organizations. The features offered by Outlook include easy management of emails, multiple email account configuration, security mechanism and many more.

Email Signature is one of its features, which helps to define the identity of the user composing emails.

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What is Outlook Email Signature?

Email signature is the block of content that can be included in the MS Outlook emails at the end. Users have an option to attach the signature in every email being sent, or they can choose to add the signature in specific emails. The Outlook email signature may contain user specific information such as:

  • Regards message
  • Sender’s Name
  • Contact Details
  • Address details
  • Company’s Website Link
  • Images, hyperlinks

Multiple email signatures can be created in a single Outlook account by the user for different purposes. However, a single email signature can be added to each mail. The user can choose to add a specific email signature according to the purpose.

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Need of Email Signature

1: The email signatures help to reduce the time during email composition. Users can simply personalize the emails by adding the same signature in any mail, thus providing ease to compose mails.

2: The organizations can use a standard email signature to promote themselves. A well-formatted and consistent signature will pose a reputable image of an organization.

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