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Why Users Receive An Error While Sending or Receiving Email in Outlook?

User receives an error message, while sending SMTP based emails, so it becomes necessary to understand the root cause behind the occurrence of an error. Thus, it becomes easy for users to resolve the error problem.

  • Network connectivity issue
  • Firewall is blocking Outlook
  • Incorrect Outlook profile settings
  • Corrupted or damaged Outlook data
  • Incorrect server settings
  • Enabled anti virus email protection

To overcome from reasons of the received error message when send and receive email in Outlook is performed; following are some handy fixes to help.

How To Resolve the Occurrence of Send/Receive Message Error with Outlook?

Solving an error includes various methods based on what the exact cause of occurrence of an error are which we have discussed above. There are some solutions mentioned below, user can try the mentioned solution one by one and must try sending and receiving email messages after utilizing each one to check if it is rectified or not.

Examine The Internet Connectivity

If user is facing a problem in sending/receiving email messages, then they must check the network connectivity by following the steps below:

  • Open a web browser in your system then enter URL of any website. If it opens, then your system is connected with an internet.
  • However, if not, then user needs to check for various troubleshoot methods for network connectivity issues. By clicking on network connection icon, from the pop-up menu, user can select Troubleshoot Problems.

Restrict Anti virus And Windows Firewall Utility

There are some steps mentioned below that helps to disable the Windows Firewall.

  • Click on Start menu then select Control Panel and select Network and Sharing Connection option.
  • Click on the internet connection that the user is using in their system.
  • Select the Properties >> Security tab >> Off Firewall

After this, users need to add the POP (Post office Protocol) server name and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server name manually in the email accounts in Outlook by following the steps given below:

  • Open Outlook application in your system >> Info >> Account Settings.
  • A dialog box will appear >> Emails >> Add
  • Select POP3 and click Next
  • Now fill the correct information for POP3 mail server >> Next >> Finish.
  • Check the changes done on Outlook

NOTE: Outlook profile settings are different for each Outlook edition. Therefore, before changing any settings read carefully about the profiles and then continue your process because any wrong setting will create a problem in future.

Use Outlook In Safe Mode

When Outlook is started in safe mode, then all the add-ins are disabled and Outlook starts with basic settings. If there is any issue in add-ins, then the problem will be rectified.

Use Inbox Repair Tool

An inbuilt utility is offered by Outlook, i.e. scanpst.exe that is also known as Inbox Repair Tool. It helps to resolve all the corruption issues of PST file due to which a user is unable to send or receive any email message on Outlook.


In the above blog, the reasons for the occurrence of an error are discussed. As a result, many possible workarounds are also discussed to overcome from the received error message when send and receive email in Outlook is performed. All the mentioned solutions can be implemented without technical expertise.

The usage of MS Outlook is frequent in our day-to-day life and sometime user can face error when Send and Receive email in Outlook. The Microsoft Outlook Email Client helps to deal with regular tasks management, email communication, appointment creation, etc. In order to store this information, there are two file formats used as the storage repository by Outlook, i.e. Personnel Storage Table and

Offline Storage Table. Personnel Storage Table files are used to save archived data whereas Offline Storage Table files are used to maintain off-line availability of data items. It is an essential feature of MS Outlook. In an organization, Outlook plays a major role in handling the work schedules. However, if emails are not accessible in Outlook, then the organization’s communication stands still that may result in a huge loss. In the following section, we will discuss the reasons for the received error message when send and receive email in Outlook and How to solve it.c.

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