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Store Outlook Email in The File System

Whenever user stores their data in the file, the motive is always to enhance the availability and manageability of data, so that they can easily search the desired data and access the file when needed.

Outlook stores all its data in PST file format but when we are talking about storing Outlook email in the file system with one email message per file then the first thing that strikes is “How it is possible”. It is possible by keeping single email in MSG file format and store Outlook emails locally. In this article, we will discuss how we can store single email in a file system.

Structure of Outlook Email File Have Five Storage Elements

  • Recipient object storage
  • Attachment object storage
  • Embedded Message object storage
  • Custom attachment storage
  • Named property mapping storage

Importance of Outlook email .msg files are mentioned below

  • Easy to save and retain data for future needs
  • Less chances of data corruption
  • It contains complete email message
  • It can be viewed on Outlook

How to Create Outlook .msg File?

Create MSG files and save into the file system is quite simple and easy there are two ways to create MSG file outside of the Outlook first is use “save as” option of Outlook and second is use drag and drop option. We also discus about How to create Outlook .msg files in previous section you can Try this procedure to Create MSG files from Outlook Email Client and store into file system or locally.

Benefits of Store Outlook Email in file System

1: If all Outlook email store within a single PST files, it becomes a challenging to Maintain all emails. Which means you need a backup software to create the copy of entire PST file emails, its long time process and also required a lot of space in disk. Storing a single email into the file system is quite easy and the process does not take time and space. So users can create backups that mean user avoid losing important email.

2: By storing Outlook email in the file System or Outside of the Outlook you can reduced the size Of Outlook mailbox. The Large size of the mailbox is one of the reasons of data file corruption, and large mailbox also affected the speed of Outlook email client.

3: If virus attack on your Outlook where all email stored within PST file or some other reasons through your PST file got corrupted that means all stored emails are automatically corrupted. So store Outlook email in file system its really important to save emails with attachment.

What Are MSG Files?

  • An .msg file uses ASCII text for its header and the main content of the message. In addition, all its hyperlinks and attachments are in ASCII text.
  • The main reason of storing data in .msg file is for Archiving the message individually.
  • Whenever user opens an .msg file, it contains all information of original message. When user opens the .msg file, the message will appear in the same way as it opens in Outlook.
  • User can even drag and drop the .msg file directly to the Outlook.
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